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892 system

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892 sun

The 892 primary.

892 was a planetary system. The primary was a yellow dwarf. There was an inhabited planet, 892-IV, in this system. This M class planet was the homeworld for a pre-warp capable humanoid species, the Romans.

In 2262 the survey vessel SS Beagle became the first Federation craft to chart the surrounding star sector. During the course of its mission, the Beagle was badly damaged by a meteor near star system 892, before ultimately seeking refuge on the fourth planet. The USS Enterprise later found the wreckage of the Beagle in this system in 2268. (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

Presumably, the 892 system was located in the Alpha Quadrant.
According to The Worlds of the Federation, the full name of the system was "UFC 892".
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (pg. 54), the full name of the system was FGC-892.

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