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61 Ursae Majoris

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61 Ursae Majoris was the primary of the 61 Ursae Majoris planetary system. A planet in this system, Archer IV, was named for Jonathan Archer, the captain of the first vessel, Enterprise to chart the star close up. It was located in the Alpha Quadrant. (ENT: "Strange New World", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", display graphic)

Upon his return to Earth following the search for the Xindi weapon, Archer pointed out the star in Earth's sky to Erika Hernandez, to the left of the star Polaris. (ENT: "Home")

Background information

The star was designated so in Archer's bio screen aboard the USS Defiant, created by Mike Sussman.

Archer IV, a planet in this system, was on a star chart that was seen in Star Trek Generations. The chart seen in "Generations" depicted the location of planets, stars, and star systems in the Alpha Quadrant. Based on the dimensions of the circles used to mark locations on the star chart seen in "Generations", this planet was located relatively near to the USS Enterprise-D.

It should be noted that from Archer's vantage point in "Home", 61 Ursae Majoris was not to the left of Polaris, but in fact far to the right, being part of the Ursa Major constellation. However, Eta Cassiopeiae – the proposed location of the Terra Nova colony from Geoffrey Mandel's book Star Trek: Star Chartswas to the left and down toward the horizon, in the constellation Cassiopeia. Gamma Cephei was even closer to where one would expect "just to the left" to be, being the brightest star directly to the left of (and closest to) Polaris.

The Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 60, also falsely stated the planet circling 61 Ursae Majoris later explored in "Strange New World" to be Loracus Prime, which actually was a misinterpretation as the planet's name was not revealed until Enterprise's fourth season. As a consequence, the star "Archer", which the planet called Archer IV supposedly orbits, was placed near Klingon territory several hundred light years away from Sol according to the Star Charts.

The Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 45, located this star in the Beta Quadrant.

It should also be noted that Sussman has stated in his podcast commentary that the biographical data was not intended to be legible to the audience, and because of that, the bio and other displays like it, should be considered a form of "soft canon" overridden by the character's statements. [X]wbm

In Larry Niven's Known Space, 61 Ursae Majoris was the central star of the Kzinti's homeworld.

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