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Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)

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The Narada emerges from a black hole

According to a Q&A with Bob Orci at, Nero's incursion occurred during the USS Kelvin's voyage to Earth. Up to this point the timelines were identical.
According to the Star Trek Into Darkness app, Nyota Uhura and Carol Marcus were born in this year.
On Kirk's gravestone, seen in "Where No Man has Gone Before", a line read "C 1277.1 to 1313.7". Considering that the stardates used in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" were chronological, with 1087.7 being the earliest staradate mentioned (Gary Mitchell's birthdate) and 1313.8 the latest (the last stardate of the episode), than 1277.1 would fall within this range, being much closer to 1312.4 – the stardate on which the episode began – than 1087.7. This would imply that Kirk was born later than Gary Mitchell. The "C" which preceded 1277.1 was not defined further.

2232 23rd century

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