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The 2150s decade covers the period from 2150-2159.

The United Earth Starfleet first began its exploration of deep space in 2151 with the launch of the Enterprise NX-01 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Despite Enterprise's peaceful intentions, the ship made contact with numerous hostile species, resulting in armed conflict with the Suliban Cabal, the Klingon Empire, and most notably the Xindi.

The Xindi incident and Enterprise's successful resolution of the crisis established United Earth as a prominent interstellar power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The planet hosted a conference to begin establishing an interstellar alliance in 2155, paving the way for the creation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161.



Prime Universe

  • Earth's first deep space vessel, the Enterprise NX-01 is launched in 2151 under the command of Captain Jonathon Archer.
  • An attack on Earth kills approximately seven million people in what will become known as the Xindi incident. The NX-01 is assigned to locate the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse and prevent a second attack that would have destroyed Earth.

Mirror Universe

2140s Timeline
22nd century

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