Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was a novel written by French author Jules Verne in the 19th century. One of its central characters was Captain Nemo.

After Tom Paris's father read this novel to him, he became obsessed with stories about the ocean. He re-read this novel a self-claimed "20,000 times", and it fueled many childhood fantasies about sea travels, including a wish to join the Federation Naval Patrol. Paris was reminded of this novel when he first saw The Waters in 2375. (VOY: "Thirty Days")

The USS Nautilus in DS9: "Tears of the Prophets" was named for the submarine in this book. Annorax and N. Land were named for characters in this book and Rura Penthe was named for a prison camp in this book. Furthermore, a monitor on the Regula I science station was labeled "20000 LGS" in reference to the title of the novel.
This novel was written in 1870. (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 73))

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