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Science officer 0718 was a sciences division Starfleet officer with the rank of Lieutenant serving on the bridge of the USS Enterprise from 2259. He was present during the ship's mission to Nibiru, its confrontation with the USS Vengeance and when it embarked on the first five-year mission. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Science officer 0718 was played by Joseph Gatt. On set, he was known as GATT2000 and then GATT5000 when that was deemed an outdated name for a 23rd century character. He described his character as "an augmented Human." He stated in a interview that the character was "not an android or robot of any kind", and expressed disappointment his final name suggested as much, stating "my humanity acts as a firewall against the [potential] hacking threat."[1]
Gatt said "one of my cybernetic augmentations is on the back of my head. The concept is that it's a miniature version of the ship's main computer which puts me in direct telepathic connection with the ship’s systems at all times." [2] Makeup supervisor David LeRoy Anderson took a photograph of the bridge's ceiling to duplicate onto Gatt's head, because the ceiling would not be shown in the film. [3]

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