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'aucdet IX

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'aucdet IX
'aucdet IX remastered.jpg

The Enterprise-D entering orbit of 'aucdet IX

Type: Planet
Location: 'aucdet system
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

'aucdet IX was the inhabited ninth planet in the 'aucdet star system. This was a Federation world.

In the 2360s, this was the site of a Federation Medical Collection Station.

In early 2365, the USS Enterprise-D arrived at the planet to take up specimens of plasma plague for transport to Science Station Tango Sierra. At that time, Lieutenant Commander Hester Dealt was the commanding officer of the station. (TNG: "The Child")



Aucdet IX display

A clear spelling

While this planet's name is spelled as 'audet IX in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, it appears as 'aucdet IX in both the episode's script [1] and on an on-screen display monitor in the episode.

According to the script for "The Child", the name of the planet was pronounced "O-det Nine."

The planet model first used here for 'aucdet IX would later be used for Gagarin IV ("Unnatural Selection"), Galorndon Core ("The Enemy"), Barzan II ("The Price"), Jouret IV ("The Best of Both Worlds"), and Bilana III ("New Ground").

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