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Guy Vardaman

Guy Vardaman

Guy Vardaman is a stand-in performer who often appeared in the role of Darien Wallace on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also served as photo double for Data during the majority of the show's run, from the first season's "The Big Goodbye" through the final episode, as well as for Star Trek Generations. Additionally, he was a Research Consultant for the show's creator, Gene Roddenberry.

Hailing from Glendale, California, Vardaman spent a good part of his life in San Jose. He grew up watching Star Trek: The Original Series, becoming a huge fan of the series. He never dreamed that he would become a part of the Star Trek universe himself.

To support himself while he was in school, Vardaman joined the Screen Extras Guild to acquire a part-time job. Less than two weeks later, while signing up with casting, he was spotted and approached for a job on Star Trek: The Next Generation. As it turns out, the man originally approached for the job was unavailable, prompting the need for a replacement. Despite some initial reluctance from the wardrobe department, Vardaman was fitted with an operations yellow Starfleet uniform and reported for work the following day.
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Today in Trek history

Today is
Bruce Watson is born.
James W. Jansen is born.
John Putch is born.
Paul Townsend is born.
Glen Hambly is born.
Tim Flattery is born.
Seventh day of filming on TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
Sixth day of filming on TOS: "Balance of Terror". Romulan Bird-of-Prey bridge scenes are filmed today.
Revised final draft of script for TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" is submitted.
Kellie Waymire is born.
Third day of filming on TOS: "Mirror, Mirror". The scenes in Kirk's quarters are filmed today.
Final draft script for TOS: "The Deadly Years" is submitted.
The sale of Desilu Studios to Gulf+Western is finalized. Lucille Ball leaves the very same day, never to return, as her former company is absorbed into Paramount Television under which flag Star Trek is from now on produced.
Bryan Fuller is born.
First day of filming on TNG: "Haven".
Seventh and final day of filming on TNG: "Suddenly Human".
Fifth day of filming on DS9: "The Search, Part II".
Fifth day of filming on VOY: "Non Sequitur".
Eighth and final day of filming on DS9: "Shadows and Symbols".
Third day of filming on VOY: "Critical Care".
Eighth and final day of filming on ENT: "Strange New World".
Second day of filming on ENT: "Storm Front, Part II".
Pocket TNG novel A Time to Kill published.
Twenty-second day of filming on Star Trek Beyond.

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