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Spock was 2nd Mutineer

Michael Burnham is labeled "mutineer" but Spock's mutiny ignored. The presiding commodore even said "betraying your captain and ruining his career". Spock went much further, actually taking control of the starship (like his brother Sybok) and violating General Order 7 which carries with it the death penalty! (that's the only case of it)
Spock was convicted by Pike, Kirk, and Commodore Mendez (but then turns out that Mendez was an illusion so I guess it doesn't hold?) Nevertheless, Kirk did convict Spock of mutiny and that was all very much on record without mention of later rescinding.
MB's charges were dropped/pardoned yet she is still labeled as "mutineer" right here on Memory Alpha and throughout fan sites, while Spock walks.
In the movies it seems they are all stealing ships against orders (called mutiny) with ST3 Search for Spock first glaring case. Janeway does the same at the end of Voyager series and gets aiding and abetting by former crew and especially Captain Harry Kim specifically aware of his own mutinous actions.
Spock actually successfully mutinied, kidnapped, earned the death penalty, was formally convicted by two real Starfleet captains all to help an old officer he had a soft spot for.
Burnham didn't do any of that (both she and Spock nerve pinched people) and her motives were anything but personal sentiment and went on to save the universe, her crew's lives multiple times, and end the war (that her "mutiny" was meant to avoid...if only Georgieu woulda stayed down) without committing genocide.
Yet the snarky label follows her and none of the others.
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