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Star trek canon

Since lots of people have talked about star trek Canon before, and it seems like people have different opinions of what they consider Canon to be, here's an article from Wikipedia with a definition of Canon for what it's worth.

Originally, I think Canon was just supposed to be a set of guidelines that the writers on TOS (then later, the other series) followed to try and keep the stories and series consistent in the Star Trek universe. What do you think Star Trek Canon is, or should be?
Star Trek canon - Wikipedia
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Sto is some of it becoming canon

I seen many news articles some say yes and some say no. Any thoughts
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Commander Troi

After her promotion was Deanna then the 2nd officer?
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James T. Kirk

If you were to invite three characters from the Original Star Trek or first six Star Trek movies to James T. Kirk's retirement party, who would they and why?
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Thirty years later for TNG

What type of career paths did the Senior Staff of the Enterprise-E have after Riker left to become Captain of the Titan? Did any of them make Admiral?
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Was it just me or did you think David Marcus might have been named after Dr. McCoy's father? I'm thinking Mccoy might have been present when David was born. Or maybe serve as a "family doctor" for Carol and David, when Bones "retired" from Starfleet the first time.
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Who's the worst star trek character?

Lets face it, Evan thought star trek is amazing they do have some problems while developing some characters. My question is in your opinion who is the worst and why. Are they undeveloped, unused, or do they just plain suck?
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Voyager ending

What did you think about voyagers ending?
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We can talk anything discovery
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Maybe somone knows

Anybody know where to get GOOD trek
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forum discussion: voyager: s5 ep1 "night"

thank you to bobski for nominating me to start the next episode discussion.

i know there are many voy fans here so i decided to go with that series. i picked because i am intrigued by dark janeway and how she feels responsible for getting stuck in the delta quadrant. some would say rightly so.

interesting crew moments while traversing the expanse:

frightened neelix

kim composes "echoes of the void"

one of my fav seven of nine moments, while participating in "captain proton," "i am borg (pulls wires) the robot has been neutralized."

but it all boils down to the malon. they show up and offer a way out of the expanse. at what cost? i think the writers did an excellent job of making the viewer feel empathy towards beings in the expanse.

so here we are again. voyager could help save a species but it means taking the long way home. this time, the captain decides that she will not have a repeat of the caretaker's array, but the crew stages a mini mutiny when janeway plans to sacrifice herself for the cause. in the end, without completely spoiling the episode, janeway delivers a schwarzenegger-esque line, "time to take out the garbage."

what are your general feelings towards the episode? what did i miss? could you last in the void? what would you do aboard voyager, if faced with two years of nothing?

imo, most importantly, this episode brings up the moral theme of what pollution does to creatures we can't easily see.

do you think janeway, prone to depression, is a good commander? personally, i think while flawed, she is an excellent captain that inspires her crew. it's the janeway or the highway!

thanks for reading and i look forward to your thoughts. live long and prosper. 🖖
Night (episode)
Night (episode) Memory Alpha
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Did Scientists Just Find Vulcan from Star Trek?! #isthisreal
Did Scientists Just Find Vulcan from Star Trek?! #isthisreal YouTube
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Most secure password

Data uses most secure code ever Star Trek TNG (Blu Ray HD)

From TNG 4x3 "Brothers"
Data uses most secure code ever Star Trek TNG (Blu Ray HD)
Data uses most secure code ever Star Trek TNG (Blu Ray HD) YouTube
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Underrated TNG Episodes

What are the most underrated episodes of The Next Generation?
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Short movies

Has anyone seen a short Discovery movie yet ? It's not on Netflix yet , but it should be right ?
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Star Trek Pix Tour VR

A growing collection of Star Trek related Virtual Reality imagery from several sources.


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Star Trek Movies that never got made.

Movies that I wish could of been made for the Star Trek franchise. Based on these series. Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise. But those crews grew too old. Not possible nor plausible. Be kewl though if they make a package of movies based on Star Trek Discovery. To add to the latest series Star Trek Titan coming out, come 2020.
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