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Which star trek tv series do you think is best? My favourite is The Next-generation.
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I read this and thought this inspirational story might have been the backstory that could be behind the character of Boothby

Quite Man: When Cadets at The US Air Force Academy Realized Their Janitor Was Medal Of Honor Hero
Quite Man: When Cadets at The US Air Force Academy Realized Their Janitor Was Medal Of Honor Hero WAR HISTORY ONLINE
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Can anyone help me with Star Trek Online?

Hopefully this is considered relevant enough , but I keep running into a problem in this game. I’m at the part where it wants me to investigate the USS Khitomer, and all I can do is just go forward, and I get lead to another system. There it keeps asking me to go back to the Pollux System, and the whole sequence starts over again, and it’s just an endless loop. What am I supposed to do!?
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Trek carport

My new carport doors
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Doctor McCoy

Where did McCoy go to college??

(Hint: Not Starfleet Academy, but before that!)
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Anybody tryna play some Star Trek Online on Xbox?

My Gamertag is PhantomPuppetYT just msg me saying that youre from the Star Trek App!
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(Fandom app poll) Favorite alien ship?

  • klingon bird of prey
  • d7/k't'inga
  • raptor
  • vor'cha
  • d'deridex
  • galor
  • valdore
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(Fandom app poll) Which shuttle/runabout/captain's yacht do you like the best?

  • danube
  • waverider
  • aeroshuttle
  • cousteau
  • calypso
  • delta flyer
  • argo
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(Fandom app poll) Which shuttle do you like the best?

  • type 6
  • type 8
  • class 2
  • galileo
  • type 11
  • type 7
  • type 18
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(Fandom app poll) Which ship is your favorite?

  • sovereign
  • galaxy
  • defiant
  • intrepid
  • constitution
  • nova
  • oberth
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Voyager - Flesh and Blood & Thirty Days

Who thinks Janeway punished Tom to harshly in Thirty Days and not punish the Doctor enough in Flesh and Blood. Granted Tom disobeyed orders but the Doctor commits treason?
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Does anyone know which book this is?

I'm sorry this is so vague, but a few years ago I read a fairly Bones-centric book (though I think there was a second storyline running alongside. Perhaps a landing party while Bones remained on the ship?) where he had to formulate an antidote for some kind of alien virus. I've scanned through lists of titles and can't see one that rings a bell. I'd like to re-read it but I can't remember the title and it's been bumped off my loans list at the library because it was so long ago. Help? Thanks for reading this far. :)

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• 12/4/2018

Captain Archer

Would some consider him to be a cross between Kirk and Picard ?
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• 12/4/2018

New to Star Trek fandom

Glad I finally found this, this way I can connect with people who love Star Trek much I do. And also looking to meet people who play Star Trek online for Xbox that way I can have people to play with.
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• 12/4/2018

Star Trek The Cruise III

Who on this forum is also going to be aboard Star Trek The Cruise III next month?
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• 12/2/2018

Trelane Revisited

Refining Our Understanding of Trelane

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• 11/30/2018

Hey I’m a newbie!

Hi I’m new to this fandom! I love Star Trek -that’s why I have this fandom duh- and Harry Potter. I hope I can meet people here and have a lot of fun.
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